Diprobase Cream — The UK's No. 1 emollient cream brand3,4

Although not as long-lasting as an ointment, creams are less greasy and may be more cosmetically acceptable, particularly when used during the day. Diprobase Cream has been soothing, healing and protecting the nation's eczematous skin for over 30 years. It's still the most prescribed emollient cream brand by GPs3 and the most used emollient cream brand in secondary care.4

Diprobase Cream

Diprobase Cream is available in two different pack sizes:

  • A large 500g pump dispenser — a convenient size for
    'at home' use
  • A 50g tube — a convenient size when away from home

Diprobase Cream can be used for:

Dyprobase Cream used for skin hydration
Skin hydration
Dyprobase Cream can be used as soap substitute
Skin cleansing
Patient friendly formulation
Unlike a number of other emollients,2 Diprobase Cream is free from sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens, lanolin and perfume, ingredients which may aggravate eczema.

Diprobase Cream contains:

White soft paraffin
Liquid paraffin
Other ingredients include:

- Cetostearyl alcohol

- Cetomacrogol

- Chlorocresol

- Sodium dihydrogen phosphate

- Phosphoric acid

- Purified water

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Code: 10/15 DERM-1078278-0000
Date of preparation: October 2013