Friendly Formulations

The Diprobase range is low in sensitisers and irritants – ingredients that may aggravate eczema.

Emollients are designed to protect and care for sore skin, however, some may contain ingredients that can aggravate your skin or even make your eczema worse. These include:

Sensitisers that can produce immediate or delayed allergic reactions:

  • Lanolin: a derivative of wool fat
  • Parabens: a group of commonly used preservatives known as hydroxybenzoates

Irritants, including:

  • Synthetic or floral perfumes (some of which may also be sensitisers)
  • Substances like sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) often found in shampoo and bubble bath to create the foam and in emollients to stop them separating.

How severe the reaction is will depend on how much of the irritant is put on and how long it stays there.

Using a friendly formulated emollient like Diprobase, helps reduce the chances of flare ups.